Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Big Day....

My youngest sister, Jenn, got married on 9-25-10, so I'm posting a few pics. It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time! She got married outside and even had the reception outside.  It all turned out wonderful. No rain, just nice blue skies. :)  Here are the bride and groom (we have a new brother-in-law now- yay!!) 

Here's another picture of the happy couple at the reception before dinner.

And here is a picture of my husband and me. My other 2 sisters and I were bridesmaids.

And these are my nieces and nephews who were flower girls and ring bearers.  :)

And I threw in this pic just because it's fun.  :)

For the wedding, I made the table seating cards and a few other things. I'll post those later this week so you don't get tired of all the pics.  :)  Thanks for stopping by and have a great week! 


  1. What a gorgeous bride your sister was! Lovely photos!

  2. How fun! Love these wonderful photos, Kathy! Your sister sure makes a beautiful bride! Love seeing the one of you and your hubby too! You look so pretty! I look forward to the photos of your place cards, etc. :)

  3. How FUN!! Love the wedding photos! What a CUTE couple they are! You and your DH look so sweet together,too! Thanks so much for sharing as I have been wanting to see wedding photos :)
    PS: What a gorgeous DRESS you wore that day!! I have a similar one! Believe it or not.. it was the one I wore to our nephew's wedding. The bottom part of the dress were pleated just like yours!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the pics, Kathy. Everyone looks dazzling. I love your dress!

  5. Oh my gosh! Love these photos! Your sis and new hubby look great and so, so happy! Love to finally 'see' you up close, you're so sweet and pretty in that dress! Is that an HA bike? ;) Really cute!

  6. Hi Kathy, Your sister and her new husband look so happy together. The photos are great and thanks for sharing such a happy event. Take care and God bless.

  7. Oh, what fun photos, Kathy!
    The last one, with the bike, is the cutest! :)
    Thanks so much for sharing them.

  8. Great photos Kathy...what a magical day! Hugs,Kathy

  9. Great photos Kathy - looks like a wonderful day.


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