Thursday, March 21, 2013

Online Card Class - Pattern Play

I've been taking the Online Card Class called Pattern Play and I've created the following two cards as "homework."  On the first card, I used the embossed resist technique on pattern paper that Jennifer demonstrated in her video. Sorry about the poor lighting in the photos. I had to take the pictures at night and the lighting was not good.

On this second card, I used Kristina's technique for using bold patterned paper and cutting it into strips.

I'm loving this class! That's all for today. Hope your day is awesome!  :)


  1. Ooooh! I really like the You Brighten My Day mix of patterns. The card really works and the added texture of the flower is a nice touch. Plus, some bling never hurt anyone!

  2. These are both wonderful Kathy! Glad you are enjoying the class.

  3. Aw..Kathy, you are always so talented with pattern paper! I love love your class work!Can't wait to see more! And thanks for stopping by over SRM Blog to leave me some love! XO

  4. You are such a better student that I was, kathy! I may be cleaning the blackboards. You rocked Jennifer's technique - one that I gave up on after several failures. And your strip card is so soft and pretty - just love it. A+ for you, my dear!


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